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I was off the internet the whole day doing irl-stuff. At some point I got a text from my friend telling me Jukka isn’t going to play in the next Nightwish album nor in the next tour because of a very bad case of insomnia. I feel really bad for him for having to live with a condition like that and I think he has been super brave coping with it all these years. Health should always come first and I respect his decision to step down. Still I feel really bad for him and for the band :(. There’s no one that can give the band as much as he has given. I really hope he’ll get better.

Now I’m fanatically checking all my other fandoms just to make sure they are ok. Like, I was away for one day and one of you got hurt, so I have to make sure everyone else are alright.


In Bulgaria, the Buzludzha Monument sits 1441 meters high, on the historic site of the final battle between Bulgarian rebels and the Ottoman Empire in 1868. It was built in 1981, to commemorate the secret meetings of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party. Which led by Dimitar Blagoev, met in the area to during the parties inception. Abandoned since 1991, it now stands decayed and falling into ruins.

Entering the mists of Buzludzha by Daniel Barter

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